The Financial Equalizer

Grow your money stash with the best prices across DeFi

MeanFi - Grow your money tree

A Self-Custody, Permissionless & Trustless Bank.

MeanFi brings Crypto and DeFi to everyday banking.

Smart routes optimized for best price, fees, and slippage
$5.1 billion+
Instant liquidity available under the same roof.
Daily money streams moving payroll and transfers around the world
Meet our investors
Three Arrows CapitalSoftBankDeFiance CapitalSesterce GroupSkyvision CapitalSolar Eco FundBigBrain HoldingsA41 VenturesPetrock CapitalR8 CapitalGerstenbrot CapitalExcalibur CapitalSolanium VenturesGate.IOGTA VenturesBTS CapitalMEXC
Universal Liquidity Aggregator for Solana

Liquidity Aggregator

The best exchange rates across Solana.

MeanFi finds you the best prices across multiple DEXes by optimizing routing, fees, slippage, and pricing impact.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)

Time in the market, beats timing the market

DCA allows you invest a little every week, and see your savings stack up.
MeanFi - Dollar Cost Average cryptos in Solana Blockchain
MeanFi - Money Streaming Protocol in Solana Blockchain

Money Streaming

Sending recurring remittances or paying employees?

Stream it! It's easier, convenient, and maintenance-free. MeanFi does to Money what Spotify did to Music.

Set Your Money Free with MeanFi.

Your Keys, Your Money.

No KYC, no Login, no Limits.
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